Why Padang Kencana?


Why Padang Kencana?

If the need of dry ice blasting in your factory is rising, just call us, Padang Kencana as your main source of dry ice blasting need. We have enough experiences, good distribution facilities, and also modern machines and equipments, shortly, we are more than ready to fulfill all of your dry ice blasting need.

Started from eight years ago, right now we are in the right line of this dry ice cleaning field business. So many equipment and dry ice products we have can be adapted with the need of dry ice blasting cleaning in your place.

In order to make sure that the dry ice blast cleaning is done efficiently, Padang Kencana put the newest extremely high standard by having various applications which you can use and also by taking care to the economical efficiency and also the natural environment. The utilization of high level dry ice blasting machine taken from the BUSE (Germany) and FREEZECO2 (China) keeps the standard of Padang Kencana on top level. Padang Kencana is also selling the dry ice blasting machine for you and giving the rental option in monthly, weekly, or daily renting period choices. The dry ice blasting machines use the newest technology so that the dry ice used is less than the other machines need. Those machines are available in new or secondhand status, and they have various nozzle choices and accessories which you can choose in order to get the optimum cleaning result.

Padang Kencana is the most experienced and the biggest dry ice producer in Indonesia. We have long time experience in this business and will always try to keep the customer’s satisfaction. The production and distribution of dry is blasting is located in Cikarang, Jawa Barat and we are always put the priority of the customer service need by conscientious calculation so that the amount need and the delivery schedule of dry ice will be suitable for customer’s need. In order to keep the customer satisfaction, we are providing some actions as follow:

  • High quality Dry Ice Blasting Machine
  • The exact amount and weight
  • Stable and competitive price
  • Reliable and trusted product and distribution network

We also provide the set up and training service for you if you’re using our dry ice blasting machine for the first time. The set up we will do will make sure that the cleaning will be in maximum way; meanwhile, the training will be done for your cleaning staff in detail so that the error which will be minimized very well. We put the safety information in top priority and give so many tips and information which can be applied by your cleaning staff so that the dry ice blasting cleaning action will be done efficiently.

If you decide to choose Padang Kencana as your main source of your dry ice blasting need, we will always try to active in supplying your dry ice blasting need and also providing the technical support when you need it.

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